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Manga Traduzidos 
Manga escaneados e traduzidos para download. Tonkohon (livros) inteiros disponíveis
Books and Movies : Annuaries/Links  
Jay-Chan's Manga and Anime Page 
manga and anime
Books and Movies : Hentai : Evangelion  
Manga gallery, personal page of dragonball Z
el gran hack 
en esta pagina ahy de todo hentai roms juegos programas chat
Books and Movies : Fan Works : Fan Art  
Koi´s Anime and Manga Site 
Image Galleries: Nadesico,Fushigi Yuugi,X/1999,Utena,Angel Sanctuary..,Links,Sound Files and Fanart
TNT Manga 
Tips n Tricks to help with your Manga/Anime artwork.
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Dracil's rare 
Dracil's Rare Game & Anime Music & Movies
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Anime news, reviews, forums and art gallery. Updated frequently
Books and Movies : Anime : Titles : A-C : Akira  
The Unofficial Akira Website 
This is the Unofficial Manga/Akira website with a lot of info, pictures, sounds and other stuff.
Books and Movies : Anime : Titles : S-Z : Sailor Moon : Sailor Moon  
Death Glaive 
A site dedicated to Sailor Moon, with pics, movies, info, and sounds. Includes a How-to draw page. Is currently under construction, but should hopefully be done in a few weeks.
Books and Movies : Anime : Titles : S-Z : Saint Seiya : Homepages  
La page a Christou 
Des informations sur Saint Seiya, des images et des fanfics surrealistes…
Books and Movies : Anime : Titles : S-Z : Shoujo Kakumei Utena  
Gigei's Revolutionary Girl Utena Postcards 
Revolutionary Girl Utena postcard service (series alo known as Shoujo Kakumei Utena).
Books and Movies : Anime : Titles : A-C : City Hunter  
Christou's page 
Pleins de choses sur City Hunter, plus connu sous le nom de Nicky Larson
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Mayes Anime 
gallery of manga
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Umi's Trading Cards Tables 
A site that haas many mangas and trading cards for trade and needs!! Check it out!!
buZZ is a great american manga company
Lists/Homepages : Homepages  
The Sexy Magical Girl Transformation of the Week 
Sexy transformations, featuring Devil Hunter Yohko, Cutey Honey and more. Warning : contains nudity!
Lists/Homepages : Homepages : Anime Villain Homepage  
The Baloo Ciba Burner mangazine 
It's a Mega Mangazine. This issue :Vegeta, Björk; hentai and more. In English and Spanish
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the overfiend 
Anime und Manga site
The best animations, sagas, photos, links, chat, discussion room, browsers and more
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neunStern's Blade site 
I have some pics from blade,weekly update and downloads!I try to collect lots of blade links! so link to me!
Regional : Continent : South America  
Manga Brasil 
This site is offers manga translations in portuguese
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